L'oreal True Match Lumi Cushion + L'oreal True Match Healthy Luminous Make-Up

Happy Monday Guys!

I have been "upping" my Make-Up game lately and I've been really feeling the L'oreal Make-Up brand. Today I will be reviewing the L'oreal True Match Lumi Cushion + L'oreal True Match Luminous Make-Up ( Foundation ).

L'oreal True Match Luminous Make-Up ( Foundation )

I picked this up at Ulta Beauty which retails for $7.49. I was immediately drawn to the packaging... I believe make-up should be beautifully packaged as it's supposed to make us look good. It comes in a "glass bottle" , with a pump/sprout and a clear cap in the color Nut Brown. This foundation is suppose to make your skin "better" with a few uses after 3 weeks. It goes on like butter .. so smooth and almost luxurious! You definitely have to move fast with this one as it dries so fast! I would recommend using an applicator like a make-up sponge as opposed to your fingertips just because it dries so fast! It is build-able which is both a pro and con as after a few hours it was like I had no make up on! If you like the "no make-up , make-up look" , it's great for that. Because it disappears so fast , you need primer and a setting spray to make it stay on. It comes in a wide range of colors so us melanin infused girls have a lot to choose from.

L'oreal True Match Lumi Cushion

I picked this up at Walmart and in my opinion it was pricey at $14.99 for a drugstore product. The Beauty community has been going crazy over this one as it is a very interesting product. I got the color C8 (Cocoa ) and again , there is an extensive amount of colors.

Cushion Foundations are big in Korea/Asian Beauty as it like a foundation that has been compressed in a compact and all you do is take the make up cushion , blot it then apply to the face. There are no spills but it sure is messy! The texture is more creamy ...kinda like if you mashed a liquid and powder foundation .. then whipped it! This is full coverage! I would recommend that you go with a lighter hand as it can look a bit cakey if you are heavy handed. The packaging says it's build-able , but one application is enough for me. Again , I was suckered in by the packaging ... It's in a cute white "pot" with a gold cover and a beautiful silver design on the outside.

Both foundations are extremely , I definitely did not feel like I was wearing any make-up at all.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your experience


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