How to NOT Suck at Writing Blog Posts

Think of this as your official "unofficial" Blog Writing Session. Grab a pen and paper and prepare to take notes. You can go ahead and even favorite this post in your Google Toolbar so it's saved as a reference tool :-) I know writing Blog Posts can be hard work ... the biggest tip to having a successful Blog is to write well! Keep reading for these tips.

Good Grammar : You do not have to be a Linguistics major to be a great Blogger. You do however need to know how to structure sentences. Basic Rule : " A singular subject ( She , Bill , Car ) takes a Singular Verb ( is , goes , shines ) whereas A Plural Subject takes a Plural Verb. If you do not have a grammar textbook for reference check your friendly Google :-)

Always Spell Check: This takes time and effort but it's well worth it. Don't be ashamed if you can't spell well , believe it or not it's more common than you think. Do be ashamed if you don't consult a Dictionary or use a spell check tool. If you write your Blog Posts in the actual platform , there is a spell check tool and if you use MS Word ... you definitely have a spell check tool. Use it and use it often!

Succinct Style: Runs to get dictionary ... what do I mean by that? This basically means keep tings as short and sweet as you can. It's hard to read long text online and nobody has time for dat! Bloggers who are capable of writing succinctly without sacrificing their overall message have a great advantage over long winded Bloggers. I would recommend keeping your Blog Post below 800 words .. it's not a Eulogy , it's a Blog Post.

Clear Communication: Do not beat around the bush or take long to get to the point! Ensure that what you are saying can be clearly understood by the reader and stay away from ambiguity. Take a step back from your post and look at it from an unbiased perspective to ensure people will understand without question.

Be Engaging: We can't all be Dr Seuss who has a certain way with words but do remember you are not writing for a Funeral Home ( no shade to Funeral Homes ) You are writing for people who are alive and well and likes to be entertained! Let your passion for the subject shine through your writing and reach out and grab the reader! This will make the reader feel as if they know you to an extent.

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