How to Establish a Good Bedtime Routine for Better Productivity

Creating an ideal bedtime routine is certainly not an easy task, however, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you may think. Just make a list of things that make you happy and everything will become much simpler. In case you didn’t know, higher levels of productivity are closely connected to your bedtime routine, so you better make sure that you have a good one! If you’re not quite sure how to do that, stay with us. Here are five things you can do in order to establish an efficient routine that will help you sleep better and be more productive.

Read for an hour before going to sleep

If you are an avid reader, you will definitely love this ritual before bedtime. It can be truly beneficial at so many levels, and the fact that the world’s most famous billionaire, Bill Gates, does the same thing before going to sleep indeed tells a lot about this practice. Apart from gaining new knowledge, reading on a daily basis will reduce your stress levels and improve your memory, which basically improves your brain’s health in the long run. That will certainly enhance your productivity, too!

Take a walk

A brisk walk right before bed can be very beneficial – it can help you clear your mind and unwind after a stressful day at work. Needless to say, it will help you sleep like a baby! Some studies even proved that walking boosts creativity, which is one more reason to go for it before heading straight to your bed. A good night-time walk will reduce your stress levels and open up a free flow of ideas, which is exactly what you need before bedtime.

Do yoga

This ancient Hindu philosophy is perfect for improving both your physical and mental health – this fantastic practice has a lot of good sides that simply can’t be underestimated. Doing yoga before bedtime will get your blood flowing, which will inevitably improve your circulation and blood pressure. Besides that, yoga perfects your body posture and builds muscle strength, which is essential for another stressful day at work. As you probably know, yoga is all about relaxing, which will benefit your health and help you achieve higher levels of productivity.

Establish a proper bedtime beauty routine

Believe it or not, a proper bedtime beauty routine can largely contribute to your productivity. An established skincare routine that works perfectly for you can do wonders, and it can surely help you skip some steps when it comes to getting ready in the morning. Going to bed with clean face should be your top priority, so make sure that you get natural products that will suit your needs in the best possible way. Choose gentle products that will leave your skin fresh and ready-to-go. Of course, you can always choose natural ones, such as cleanser by Asap Skin Care or some other brands like Indio – these offer the most amazing goodies your skin craves for. They will help you prepare it in advance, so that it’s ready for applying light makeup as soon as you get up.

Unplug and wind down

Even though our smartphones, tablets, and laptops make an important part of our everyday lives, it is crucial that you unplug and wind down at least an hour before bedtime. The bright lights produced by those gadgets’ screens can actually disrupt our bodies’ natural sleeping cycles, and even trick us into thinking it’s daytime. Leaving your phone in another room may be just the right solution for this problem – it won’t disturb you during night, which is essential for your productivity levels the next day.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to establish an efficient bedtime routine that can help you be much more productive at work or generally in life. Once you have established a proper one, make sure that you stick to it – that will provide the best results you can possibly imagine!


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