Dorm Room Décor Tips

For Young People all over the world, this is the beginning of the rest of your life! You’ve taken all the tests and overcome all your challenges and now you enter the life of a College/ University student.  One of the things that make you feel like a legit College/University is having a Dorm Room. Keep reading for décor tips for your Dorm Room.

Color Scheme: I always believe a splash of color makes a dull room look super cool and lively! What you can do is plan with your roommate to coordinate the colors so that your room have somewhat of a flow. Accent pieces such as lamps and throw pillows can make your room look really pulled together.

Bundle Deals: Make use of Bundle Deals! Depending on where you live, there are stores like Best Buy and Walmart that have special Bundle Deals for College/University Students. These can include a microwave and mini fridge combo or a TV and DVD player combo. These are essentials that you might need so it helps if you can get a good price on this.

Storage is Key: Most Dorm Rooms are small (unless you are Blair Waldorf) so you will need to get creative when choosing your furniture. Look for pieces that are multi-functional. Bed frames with shelves do exist so you might want to start searching.

Have a Décor Theme: This in some way encapsulates all we’ve said above but having a décor theme is like having a Blueprint for your room. There are so many different décor themes to choose from and I would say pick one that suits your personality.

Less is more:
Take what you will from home but do not take everything. Be mindful that you will have a roommate and they will need space as well. A cluttered room is definitely not suited for a college/university student especially when things get hectic and you have less time to clean.

Haute People would like to congratulate all the College/University “Freshers” on taking a major step in your life. Remember to balance school and a social life but make school a priority. 


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