Cheap N' Cheerful Nail Polishes for Summer

Nail Polishes are one of those things I don't like to spend a lot of money on. Most of the colors are pretty much the same in all brands except they have a different name and formulation.  I found some cheap and cheerful Nail Polishes while browsing at Walmart for $1.00 ( prices may differ by location ) and I thought I would share them with you.

Playful Purple

This playful grape color reminds me of "purple" Fanta! It has that nice refreshing grape color that stands out from the bunch.


This is a rich Mauve color. It is Tolene , Formaldehyde and DBP Free. I see this color going straight back into fall just because of how deep this purple is.

Wear Red

This looks nothing like Red. It's more of an electric bright pink color . Its formaldehyde and DBP Free. It can be worn with a neutral beige or grey.

Dazzle Me

This is a multi faceted silver glitter. It looks great on top of any color as it adds a really nice sparkle to plain nail polish. It can be worn alone for a soft subtle girly glam look.

Even though they are cheap , they are all formaldehyde and DBP Free which means it won't stain your nails or make them brittle. The only downside is that they chip easily so I would recommend using a top coat and definitely start with a base coat to extend the wear.


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