Why it's important to Volunteer

It's Friday yo' we about to get the party started all up in this piece! Not really but that was a good way to get started! Today we'll be talking all about giving your time to people and events for the betterment of yourself and your business.

Let's be real , I hated volunteering when I was younger as I felt it was a waste to give my "good good" time to people who were not paying me. As I got older and had a little more perspective on life ... I saw the importance of it and saw why I needed to add this to my life. There are a number of ways to volunteer and I like to volunteer at Events as I get to meet new people and sharpen my skills. If there is an Event you like and want to be involved in instead of "sitting front row" , why not work backstage as a volunteer. All you have to do Is check the website to see if there is a section for volunteers or contact the organizer directly ( there is always an E-mail Address or Phone # ) It's a whole new world when you work behind the scenes as you get to see how the Event comes together and all the work and detail that goes into putting together that one Event. When you volunteer you need to give it your best and know that you are there to work ( even though it's free ) Working Behind the Scenes is hectic , crazy and unpredictable and I would advise you to go in expecting the worst . Not to scare you , but most people think they can volunteer to get into an Event free , then when they get on the scene all they want to do is chill and take selfies. The most interesting and crazy volunteer experience I had was on the set of a Movie. Those people don't play! Once I got there I was straight to work! Click, Click, Snap , Snap . Everything goes according to a Running Order ( which is basically a guide to how things will flow ) and if one second is off , the entire production is off! For Volunteers the universal color Black as you are supposed to be invisible and simply blend into the background. Do not take this as an offense but you will be treated as such and should not take it personal.

The benefits of Volunteering are numerous and full filling and the best part is you get to use your skill and knowledge along with others to get something done!

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