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Hi Guys!

I'm trying to refocus this Blog by giving you substantial posts that have "body" instead of superficial things that are mere "broth". You have all been loving these "Business Blogging" Posts and that's what we'll roll with  ( at least once per week ). Do you love to write and would like to start your own Blog? Sit Tight for a few things you need to get started!

Laptop/Desktop: You need a computer to write , research and store all your Blogging information. Tablets are great but I find them hard to work with unless you have a big screen. The Blogger buttons and Social Media Icons seem smaller on a Tablet screen than they do on the Computer. You can get new Laptops that are reasonably priced or you can get a refurbished or second hand computer at a lower cost if that is what your budget allows.

Camera: I started with a Kodak Easy Share Camera which I used for about 2 years that I used to take Photos whenever I visited Stores and went to events. It is great just starting out as you to to practice with a Camera and you get to manipulate the outcome of the Pictures.

Smartphone: I started out with a Blackberry! Kids today be like "what's a Blackberry" I was able to browse the Web and check my e-mail on the go and this was when Whatsapp just started, like legit just started!

Planner/Diary/Notepad: You will need to have a book where you schedule all your Blog Posts, Events , Meetings and so on. Yes you can use Google Calendar since it has that area to write in dates but writing something down on paper makes a world of difference!

Business Cards: If you are going to take this "Blogging Business" seriously , you need Business cards with your Name , Blog Name , Email Address , Blog link and Contact Number ( if you choose ) It's great when you Network to not only leave the people you meet with an impression , but with a Business Card so they can follow up with you!


Use what you have until you get what you have! Do not sweat it and put pressure on yourself and those around you , thinking that you need new expensive things. You don't ... make what you already have work for you!

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