The Best 4th of July Sales to Shop This Week

Happy 4th of July to all my readers in the United States of America. I know most people are home with their families and or friends. The Holiday is always synonymous with Fireworks and Bar B Ques ...let's not forget the amazing Sale Events. We did some digging over the weekend and was able to hook you up with a few place to get a great discount on some of your favorite items.

H&M: This retail giant has select items for as low as $4 on 40 styles and 500 new pieces with discounts on those as well.

Zara: Another retail giant and favorite of many Bloggers and YouTubers. Zara is having discounts on up to 70% off items and we predict there will be longs lines of people waiting to dash and grab items.

Century 21: This is kinda like forever 21 but not really but they kinda sorta carry similar items and I think they have better quality Jeans. They will have up to 75% off items in store... If you plan to shop this Sale , get those Jeans!

Saks Fifth Avenue: Say what now? Saks is having a Sale? Yaaaas! you heard that right. The posh department store is offering up to 75 % off Designer pieces so be sure to check that out. You definitely don't want to miss a sale on Designer pieces.

Kenneth Cole: This Designer store is offering up to 60% off Designer garb Online and and extra 50% off items in store ( Soho , Pentagon and Bond St ) If you spend $100 you'll get $25 off.

After all the festivities and much needed rest and relaxation , you can definitely check out any of these and others Sales. I always say it's important to treat yourself every now and again to something really nice.

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