Summer Travel Hacks

It is no secret that I love to travel! Of course, because of the economy where I live I have not been able to do so in awhile. I know that Summer is peak season and I thought I would share some hacks I've learned over the years to make travelling easier.

Dress Over Night: For those long trips with several connecting flights , I find that they are always early morning. When you receive your travel itinerary it tells you the check in time which is well before 6.a.m. Shower/Bathe , and sleep in the clothes you will be travelling in. If it's something that might get crushed ... lay them out or hang them separately so that it's the first thing you put on.

Shower Later: This is a continuation to the hack above. What you do is shower later in the night so that it will be a few hours since your last shower. Makes sense? Think of it like showering in the morning before work ... and not having to shower again until 8 hours. This time it's a lot less hours than that.

Dryer Fresh: If you are travelling , clearly you will have a suitcase and clothing. To keep your clothes smelling fresh , place a dryer sheet in your suitcase which will also reduce static! Dryer Sheets are super expensive and can be found almost everywhere.

Roll It: This not what you think! lol ... To save space in your Suitcase roll them! It also takes more time and if your goal is to shop like me this is your best bet.

Plastic Please: I am an A -Type personality and an A-Type packer! My favorite travel hack is to get zip lock bags and place items like Underwear , Medication and other Knick Knacks so when TSA searches the bags they see all my items front and center . In my opinions , it makes packing easier and neater and it just looks better to me.

Final Tip! Ladies and gents ..ensure the items you pack are clean especially underwear! It is not a good look or smell! What I like to do is wash the clothing I plan to travel with and use fabric softener so they smell extra good.

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