How to stand out at Networking Events

Summer is the season of Events ... Music Festivals , Fashion Show and Brunches a plenty! If you are looking to meet new people and leverage clients for your Business it's always a great idea to go to Events that are in line with your area of interest. Keep reading as we share tips on how to stand out at Networking Events.

Dress the part: If you are going to a Fashion Launch , dress fashionable! It's that simple! One thing I like to do is make my own accessories. You would be surprised with the things you can do with Fabric, Ribbons , Flowers and a few D-I-Y YouTube Videos.

Work the Room: I'm naturally shy when I go out and I've been learning to step out of my comfort zone and talk to people! It can be a bit much at first if you are naturally shy but just challenge yourself to talk to 5 new people. Talk about yourself and what you do without being obnoxious ... nobody likes a person who is obnoxious and annoying.

Be Yourself : Guys , they say imitation is the highest form of flattery .. but whatever happened to just being yourself! We are all unique and all have something to offer the world so go with that! Too many times I've seen people I know since they were young ( and know their social status ) pretending to be rich. If you take the Bus do not tell people you drive a Benz. Just be you ... and be truthful.

Go to Many Events: Practice makes perfect! The more Events you go to the better it is for you. Going to several networking events gives you a chance to work on your social graces and meet people. I remember when I just started going to Networking Events , I didn't know one person but after going to a few those same people became friends.

Make Good Conversation: Do not be a dumbbell! Pick up a Newspaper or watch something besides "The Kardashians" every now and again. Most of these events will have you standing around aimlessly until whoever it is , is ready to present and just standing around gets really awkward. Find something to talk about that is substantial.

Always have Business Cards or something that has your information on so people can catch up with you. The Design of your Business Card is also a great way for you to stand out at Networking Events.

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