How to get Your First 1000 Pageviews

Starting a Blog can be rewarding and daunting all together when you are just starting out. It's rewarding in the sense that you get to write what you want in your own voice and use your creativity. As for the daunting part ... well , most people say the most challenging thing they face as a new Blogger is getting page-views. Keep reading for tips on how to get your first 1000 page views.

Consistency is Key: I'm gonna advise my newbie Bloggers to "stock pile" Blog Posts before going public. Have at least 10 great quality posts hot and ready to go before you go live! This is great if you have a specific Niche that is popular as people will always be researching that topic.

Join Facebook Groups: I have heard this so many times from so many different people and I can tell you it works. If you are looking to "up" your page-views be sure to join Facebook Groups that have to do with Blogging. So far I have joined over 20 groups and they have a prompt whether it's to comment , like or share the Blog Posts with other Bloggers and People. It is a tedious process and you will no doubt need to invest time for this but it works in the long run.

Comment on other Blogs: This is different from the tip above as this involves going directly to other Blogs and leave comments. The tip here is to get noticed , by leaving comments on other Blogs , they in turn will leave comments on yours ( which is a page-view or 2 ) and they might even reference you. Most Blogs will have an option for you to follow other blogs and you will see them pop up in the Blog over view when you log into your account.

Share , Share , Share: Guyyssssss! If you follow me on Social Media you would realize I post A LOT OF STUFF! Social Media is a free Marketing tool that is great when you are just starting out. If you use the right Hashtag # one of your post just might go viral. Also , as I always say ... you can have the best Blog in the world but nobody will know unless you share!

Word of Mouth: This was my "go to" way that helped me to get my first 1000 page-views. Tell people about your Blog every chance you get without being weird or annoying. Tell them about the topics you cover and most importantly where they can find the link and your Social Media pages.


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