Behind the Seams : Izzy's Treats

"When you are Young , Work to Learn ... Not to Earn" - Robert T. Kiyosake , Rich Dad Poor Dad
We live in a world where children have successful businesses before completing Elementary/Primary School. Today , Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with a young baker affectionately called "Izzy" by those closest to her to feature her Brand of Baking Goodies called " Izzy's Treats".

H.P: Tell us about Izzy's Treats
I.T: Izzys Treats was an idea that three-year-old Isabel Chin came up with.  With her love for baking and her fun very happy spirit Isabel wanted to showcase some of her favorite products to other children in a very fun way.  Hence the creation of Izzy’s Treats.

H.P: How long has Izzy's Treats been around?
I.T: Izzy’s Treats is very new, we started making products in May 2016.

H.P: What are some of the "treats" you have available?
I.T: Right Now we have three yummy treats:
Sassy Stacey, she is a chocolate Swirl
Cheddah and Cheese, two mini cheese poppers
Baby B, Spice bun
H.P: What does Izzy Do for fun?
I.T: Play tennis, watch cartoons, play games on her Ipad and bake

H.P: Who is Izzy's favorite Disney Princess?
I.T: Elsa and Mulan

H.P: (For Mom) What is it like being a MOMager to a young Baker?
I.T: Hard at times, I sometimes get lost with managing my time effectively.  Also, being young in the business and as a mom the lessons come hard and fast.  So it’s really just finding that balance between both. The greatest thing though is that as a family we are pursuing the passion (bakery) together so it’s like a force together, we are all there as a team.

H.P: Where Can we find Izzy's Treats? 
     I.T: Right now we are trying to fine tune the distribution aspect. However add us to Instagram and Facebook @izzytreatsjm for more information.


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