Back to the Future of My Roots Hair Show Photos

July 4th 2016 was one of those marvelous 80 plus degrees days in the Commedore Barry Park of Brooklyn where the International African Arts Festival celebrated the last day of its annual 4 day event. The fields were colorfully graced with treasures from the Diaspora enticingly showed off by vendors from all over the world participating in celebrating the 45th anniversary of the festival in the spirit of Sisabalandela; Swahili for We are still following them (the ancestors). Read on

Photo by Solwazi from DARA: Ancestral Beauty Photography

Photo by Solwazi from DARA: Ancestral Beauty Photography

The Back-to-the-Future-of-Our-Roots Natural Hair Show will not only portray where we stand. The outstanding natural hairstyles of gifted hairstylists will break stereotypes and take the perception of African strands to the next level, outlining the bright and shining future of Black follicles. Click to read who is in the show 


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