5 Summer On a Budget Outing Ideas

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Summer is on in full swing and it's pretty evident by the scorching hot Sun and barely there clothing. In spite of all the heat , people love being outdoors. If you are the outdoorsy type , we have the perrrrfect ways for you to be outdoors and save money all at the same time!

Have a Potluck: I know the term Potluck sounds ancient ( even the word ancient sounds ancient ) But here's what you do. Tell all your friends and family to bring an item or two to a designated location ( outdoor ) and you all have a big meal and a grand old time.

Life is a BEACH: Yeah , yeah corny I know and we've all seen the T-Shirts. One of the most popular Summer outing is the Beach. Depending on where you are in the world, going to the beach might be free or a minimal fee. Grab your Swimsuit , Towels and Sunblock and you are good to go!

Launches: This is a bit different and kinda out there but stay with me. Summer is the time for Events and Festivals and to get people interested in these Events, there is always a Launch of some sort. Some are by invite only but some are open to the Public. I find that these launches have "free food" and great ambiance. Go for it ( without shame )

The Movies: Talk about Summer Cliche' ... I didn't even know people still go out to see Movies ( if you know what I mean ) As of recently, we have been having an Event where you get to watch movies under the stars. There is a schedule and a fee and all you do is pay the fee , bring a blanket and you will be watching Movies under the stars.

Just Get Out: This is rather vague and broad but think about it! Set a time and date and go with  a group of friends or by yourself and just go anywhere! The whole point of the Summer is to go out on an adventure and just see what the world has to offer you.

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