5 Misconceptions about Haute People

Happy Sunday Guys!

It is hot as heck here in Jamaica and I thought while we "side step" the heat by staying indoors until night , a nice little read would be great! We have been in the Blog game for a while and sometimes we hear things that the streets and Social Media might say but might not have the full details ; today we clear that up for all of you.

We are a "Farin" Blog

Guys , we are based right here in Jamaica! Yes we admit to writing for an international audience as this is the majority of or readership. Quite often we reach out to other Jamaican and Caribbean Blog Events/Awards and have been told "This is only for Jamaican and Caribbean Bloggers" ... their loss. We're not that site to have a huge Green , Black and Gold Flag plastered on a banner just to prove the nationality.

We are a Money Machine

We are not #realrich .... If we were we would have probably have a better design , better photos , better team , bigger office and so on. There is money to be made from Blogging ( lots of it ) we're just not at that Ballin' stage yet.

We are Bougie

Not all Bloggers are stuck up and we are the coolest , iriest people you could ever meet. The team here at Haute People is quite diverse ... some are extremely quiet , some are loud , some are tall , some are short .. but we cool.

Madame Haute is Tall

When I meet people they are usually taken aback by my height! "Oh you are a baby" , " Yu short eeh" , "How cute are you" #Lawd I happen to be a 5"1" 29 year old who can easily pass for a teenager. Blame my parents for those genes and the fact that I take care of myself . 

We are a Store/ Modelling Agency/something outlandish

I can't tell you how many E-mails I get about people who have cute kids who want me to book modelling jobs for them. If I could I would , but I'm just a Blogger. There are also those people who want to know where they can get a specific Necklace , Rings , Bracelet , Lipstick , Lipbalm .. you name it they've asked. Maybe I should open one of those variety marts where you can get all the things you need plus a modelling Contract :-)

We thank you for the continued support

Golden Nugget: Ephesians 3:20

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