3 Ways to Re-purpose Content

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We are on track with giving you tips and tricks about "The Business of Blogging". As you can tell by the topic above , today we'll tackle re-purposing content. What does it even mean to "Re-purpose Content? See a quick definition below :

" it's when you take a piece of content and change it so it serves a different purpose ". - blog.hubspot.com

As I always say , there is nothing new under the Sun! Every idea you can think about somebody else has already thought about it and lived it! The same can be said about "Content". Let's say you have an idea in mind and you start researching it and several ideas with similar ideas pop-up ... here is how you can make it your own... by "Re-purposing".

Write in your Own Voice: Never , ever copy everything verbatim! That's plagiarism! Change the words , put in some new and fresh information so that it sounds "like you".

Make it Engaging: Add some life to your article by adding Photos, Videos , Gifs and so on. When people read it , it should seem like you are the first people in the world who wrote about the topic.

Think about Your Audience: While the information you find might be in line to an Article you are planning to write , it might not resonate with your specific audience. Tailor the information to suit your audience and remember to think about the tone.

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to re-purpose Content and encourage you to push yourself further in your journey.


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