What I've learnt 4 1/2 Years as a Blogger

I remember it like it was yesterday , the first time I got 100 page views! Wow ! I thought , 100 people read my Blog , I don't even know 100 people personally and they read what I had to say. Flash forward to over 1.5 million page views later and here we are... here is what I've learnt so far as a Blogger.

People are Fickle 

If you are hoping that once you decide to do something different or anything to improve your life and expect to have a marching bad of people behind you ... you are so wrong! Sure once you decide to take the high road people will jump behind you offering support but when it gets down to the "get down" the hard work , those same people are the first to disappear with excuses as to why they can't make it to your Events or can't help you edit posts. People are fickle and will always let you down.

Classicism is Real

I hear people talk about classicism a lot here in Jamaica and I always think it's something they talk about just to have something to say. If it wasn't for this Blog , I would not have been invited to half of the Events or even know they exist. Whenever I go to these Events , it's the same people , no joke! Same people who are of a fairer complexion , same people who are deemed the movers and shakers of the country ... but what about the other side? I'm not saying these people are bad or unkind , but! These are the same people who think they are entitled to everything and anything just because of the color of their skin and that makes me sort of ... uncomfortable.

Hard Work Needs to be Consistent

I remember when I had the Haute People 2nd Blog Anniversary Event the Blog was on Fiyah!More people knew what it was about and I even got some Press. Silly me decided to stop and take a break and go back to the 9-5 ... biggest mistake ever! If I continued working hard on the Blog and was more consistent , I know that Haute People would be a household name today and the money would eventually come after all the hard work. If you are working towards something , be consistent no matter what obstacles or challenges come and you will be happy with that it produces.

Blogging is Hard work

People always say if you love something you never have to work a day in your life. That's true but most people think Blogging involves taking lots of pretty pictures and always posting on Instagram but between all that ... you gotta work! There is the back end of Blogging which involves putting in HTML Codes , troubleshooting , researching , writing , editing , marketing and other technical things that are very similar to a full time job.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

This is where collaboration comes in and working with people to get your message out. This is kinda hard here in Jamaica as people see a Blog and think you are made out of money and will demand crazy figures to collaborate with you. For the people who are true artistes and understand the value of collaboration , it has been sweet for both of us as we found a way to use of talents and skills to create something amazing for more people to see.


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