What it Truly Means to be a Young Jamaican

I know most people will not like this post as they are used to more superficial topics like Fashion and Make-up Reviews. The greatest thing about having your own website is that you get to be a voice of the people and write what you feel . I thank you all so much for the support on these personal posts.

Jamaica , is deemed as one of the Iriest Islands in the West Indies because of the vibe of the people , our beautiful beaches , sunshine all year round and of course the food. What you don't see in books or commercials is the hardships we face a young people. If you decide to go to University ( Utech or UWI ... I can only speak on what I know ) prepare to pay a fortune. My case was a little different as Education was big in my family and my father was able to fund my Education out of pocket from his business. I saw my friends who had to take out a loan go through so much stress! First off , people take out loans because they cannot afford something in the first place right? So how .. how do they expect people to pay back what they never had? It's no wonder so many young girls resorted to sugar daddies or turning tricks at a night club just to get by. So it's now the 3 or 4 year mark after University and here comes the next stress of finding a job. In Jamaica , in order to get by it's all about who you know in high powers .. how many people know those kinds of people? Not many! So you've now graduated with that piece of paper , a loan looming over your head... what's next? A job at a call center... ( which is a popular option unless you want to stay broke ) these jobs are not for the thin skinned as you are expected to work at odd hours for pay you may or may not get ... and you still have the loan... and other expenses. Most people will turn to the force ( Police or Soldier ) as you are sure of a salary with benefits but once again ... how many people can they take at a time?

If you are a teacher or nurse , these jobs are not as bad and actually pay a decent amount but there always seem to be a waiting list for these as so many people graduate as a Teacher or Nurse each year and they can only take so many.

Then there are those people who take life into their own hands by seeking a better life in America by running off at their Summer Work Program. I have nothing against it but let's put this into perspective shall we. Back at home they took out a loan to go to University , they spent 3-4 struggling to complete the courses to graduate , they managed to save enough to go on a Summer Work Program to work some money to help pay off the loan and survive. Imagine doing all that then going to a new country to work 3 jobs just to get by .. sticky right?? Don't even get me started on jobs in the Creative Industries ... If you want one you better start something yourself and only expect to get any sort of help when you "buss" . 

I believe there should be more programs and opportunities for young people as we are truly the future. There needs to be opportunities for students to pay off their loans , get a good paying job and live a decent life after all we have to endure in the country. How can a country expect growth if they ill-treat the young people? Pretty soon , the population will decrease as more people will go elsewhere in search of a better life.

Sorry I could not tell you about the beautiful beaches and people frolicking on miles and miles of white sand ... but this is what it truly means to be a young Jamaican.


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