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Remember that post I did a while back on "Our Shaming Culture" . We live in a world where you are "shamed" for one thing or the other. Too Fat , Too Skinny , Too Black  ... Too White or you wear too much Make-Up. In 2015 popular YouTubers like NikkieTutorials , Kandee Johnson and Promise Phan was savagely attacked online by people who tore them down for wearing too much Make-Up. Instead of responding to the Internet Trolls they did various Videos on what make-up means to them. Some had full Make-up and the other half totally bare, while others used Make-Up to transform into something completely different. Each YouTuber shared their individual stories about "The Power of Make-Up".

Popular YouTuber Promise Phan uses "The Power of Make-Up to transform into Disney Characters

In my teenage years I was sent to a Pentecostal Church ... I'm gonna be completely honest and tell you that I hated it. I love the worship and how lively it is and what we are taught to believe in but other than that .. there was a long list of don'ts. Don't process your hair , Don't Wear Jewelry , Don't wear nail polish , Don't Wear Pants , Don't go to the Movies , Don't wear Make-up!! It should be about the heart , the way you live your life and how you follow the 10 commandments. Why should it matter whether or not you wear Make-up if your heart is not right and you are living a filthy life? The Power of Make-Up is something completely different for me as it's just Make-Up ... it washes off! It's not a part of me or something I can't live without. I started wearing Make-Up at 24 and I'm 29 so it hasn't been that long. The Make-up I wear is just foundation , mascara and if I'm feeling fancy I might put on Eye-shadow and Lipstick. Not against lashes , blush and all the other stuff but I honestly don't know how to put those on and it would take so long. I use the Power of Make-Up to make me feel girly and just because I can.

/> Others believe that people who wear Make-up hate themselves and are insecure because they are covering up. Are you kidding me? There are people who just love Make-up because they have a genuine passion for it and applying it to their faces. Most of these people are called Make-Up Artistes who are masters at using their skills to enhance the natural beauty of the face by using techniques like blending , contouring and highlighting. The purpose of Make-Up is to "enhance" meaning "bring out what was there before". People were beautiful before the Make-up and their beauty was simply enhanced. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.

At the end of the day " It's just make-up" it washes off with water of a wet wipe! Stop the shaming!

What Does Make-Up Mean to You?


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