Should I Start My Own Business?

Today , we touch on a topic that is rather popular around the world and also the most requested when we ask you guys about topics. The world has shifted and more people are leaving their stable 9-5 Jobs to take a risk on starting their own Businesses. Keep reading as we touch on some important things to consider if Starting a Business is right for you.

The Why

Why do you want to start a Business? Is it because your Boss is constantly over you with mundane tasks? Is it that you hate all the people you work with? Well , I'm gonna say it's up to you to decide but the reasons I've listed are actually reasons to NOT start a Business as these things usually pass over time and all you have to do is work and try harder. You can start a Business if it just feels natural and it's something you constantly think about. Another reason is if you have a side hustle and it makes more than the 9-5 then you can definitely make a living out of that.

What Will It Solve?

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers ... you've heard that before right? Whatever you start must solve some of problem in the Industry and your Business is the solution. One perfect example of this is the Pump and Spray created by a Jamaican Entrepreneur. This young man realized that we have droughts and water restriction in Jamaica year after year which leads to a lot of frustration. The Pump and Spray is the solution for that Problem as it's a portable Product that allows you to pump water from a bottle and spray so you can take showers. If you are not quite sure if your Business will solve anything , this is where Market Analysis will come into play; you will need to test the market and see if others are also doing what you are doing.

Do You Have the Drive?

Most people think the life of an Entrepreneur is all glitter and glamour thanks to those "living the dream" on Social Media. Starting out is the hardest part and is not for people who are thin skinned as there will be challenges .... challenges that will make you want to go back to your 9-5 job. Savings go pretty quickly when you have equipment and overhead costs for a Business so I'm gonna say prepare for everything. There will be days when you will have a lot of money and days when you will have no money ... there will also be days when you will be highly motivated and days when you feel horrible and don't want to get out of bed. I've watched the "Walt Disney" Docu- Movie and trust me guys .. his passion and drive was TURNT UP! He went Bankrupt at one point that his own employees had to pitch in and pay his Rent , their salaries and rent for their office space. Are you ready for that? I'm not saying it will be exactly like that as different people have different experiences, but you need to have the drive regardless.

We were not made to suffer on this earth , find your passion or skill work on it and make a living from it.


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