Sense of Self : Stop Taking Nude Photos

"You Did this to yourself , stop taking Nude Photos"

I was watching a Lifetime Movie over the weekend called Revenge Porn ... it's not what it sounds like it's Lifetime .. strictly PG13. The Movie was about a girl who was a victim of a Cyber Crime. Apparently her Nude and Semi-Nude Photos ended up on the Internet , then on a Website where where Boyfriends submit pictures of their Ex's as payback or whatever. As it got down to the end of the Movie , the guy who ran the website said " You Did this to yourself , stop taking Nude Photos". I guess Lifetime wanted to show the perspective of the "bad guy" to let us as viewers realize there was truth with what he had to say.

I remember a few years back there was a similar website like this in Jamaica where Girls and Women of all Professions , Age Groups and Social Backgrounds were "exposed". Some of the reasoning behind it was "Oh we're young and who doesn't send nude photos to their boyfriends?". Not everyone! If you are with a guy who you claim as your boyfriend that you see all the time .. why do you need to send nude photos? Like really? If you think Nude Photos are a way to "spice up" your love life .. then you've got issues in the love department. Everything that is sent via your Phone or Computer stays in this storage cloud that never seem to go away.Remember all those celebrities who got "exposed" when the Photos in their "cloud" was somehow leaked. Don't get me wrong and I'm not perfect .. but there are certain things you should never do especially in a world where there are crazy sickos just waiting to pounce on  you and make your life hell. The guy in the movie was right ... If you stopped taking Nude Photos and send them to people , then there will be less cyber crimes like these. In a world where being "nude for likes" is made popular by celebrities like Kim Kardashian West it's kinda hard to advise people to just be smarter with the kind of pictures you take and sell.

Scene from "Revenge Porn" on Lifetime Network aired June 18 ,2016
It is was said in the movie that over 20,000 cases of Cyber Crimes relating to nude Photos are reported in the U.S alone .. per month! I'm not good at math, but that's a whole lot of people and pictures. Ladies, it's 2016 ... stop taking and sending nude photos.

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