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Imagine you had the option of having your very own closet with a few items of your choice just for Summer. Would you fill it with Dresses , Shoes or Accessories? I would fill it with shoes as I've been eyeing a lot of cute , edgy and trendy shoes that have that 80's Mod Vibe. I love Summmerrrr! With all that new stuff , you're gonna need extra space right? Thanks to our friends over at you can have extra storage without lifting a finger.

Today , I want to share with you a few things I have on my Summer Wishlist. They are all Shoes and a Handbag and the majority of them are from a U.K site called PublicDesire I found scrolling through Instagram.

I've been feeling patent leather booties and clear heels with that Mod 80's vibe

Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag
It's not too big and not too small this is definitely an investment piece but it's worth it. If you like sleek and classy this is perfect for you. I like the mix between the gold hardware and the grey leather.

Claudia Grey Patent Leather

This has that Mod Vibe with the square toe , patent leather and see through heel. The length for this is interesting as it goes above the ankle but it's not quite at the calf. This is definitely on the trendier side.

Danika Nude Faux Suede

Strappy Heels are still on trend and when mixed with the clear heel trend , this one is #bae. I like the nude color and the faux suede; there is a lot of detail ... but it's a subtle detail. You can also wear the straps above or below the ankle if you wish.

Star White Glitter
I saw these on Amrezy and I instantly feel in love. I remember getting a clear pair of wedge heels back in 2004 and best believe I wore them to death! These are like modern day " Cinderella" Heels with sparkles in the heels and they are not too high.

Summer Tan Pom Poms

There is a story to these ... here goes ... When I first saw these I thought they looked clownish like I could literally hear the "Clown Song ". After watching a DIY on how to make "Pom Pom" Sandals I kinda liked them :-) These are definitely a conversation starter. Ladies , don't go crazy on the colors .. pick colors that go together and make sense.

There Is a rule of thumb I apply when getting new stuff in .. the same amount of clothes that comes in is the same amount to come out. makes this move quite easy as they come and take what you into a cozy storage that is your own. Makespace has a new App that allows you to see what you have in storage as well as to take things out with a few clicks along with your account activity.


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