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Hi I'm "Rane" and I'm a serial job taker/hunter/worker/confused? I was watching a Video from a Youtuber who dubs herself as a "Serial Job Taker" , I can definitely relate to that! Are you one of those people who don't have a problem finding a job but when you do you leave quickly because you are either bored or feel like everybody else is "less than smart"? This post is just for you.

I will list as many as I can remember , the experience and why I left.

Office Clerk 2004

This Job was my first Summer Job and it was at Nestle' via Nepotism:-) I was placed in the Marketing Department to file documents and do something with purchase orders that I can't quite remember. Anyway , it was fun and the job paid $17,500 Jamaican dollars every two weeks which was ALOT back then. I learnt how to file documents and more importantly how to follow orders and get along with people. There was this one lady who apparently hated work and she would literally count down the hours until 4 p.m . That was another thing I liked  .. the time. For a corporate company , work ended at 4 ( at that time ) .

Data Entry Clerk 2005

This was another Summer Job again by Nepotism and It was in the Admin Department of a Texaco Gas Station. In my mind the only thing Gas Stations had was gas and snacks in their mini-mart. That was another good one as the owners of that franchise was a husband and wife team and they ensured that I ate a healthy and hearty lunch/dinner and that I got home safely since I worked until 11 p.m. The office was actually really nice and was nothing you thought an office at a gas station would look.

Call Center Agent

This job was as a result of the "Great Depression" as I like to call it here in Jamaica when the economy crashed! I don't remember the year but It was the first job out of University and I hated it! The hours were long and crappy and we never got paid on time. I remember borrowing money from my father until pay day. I surprisingly did well as it was a Sales Job and I met my daily target and got the bonuses etc. The only thing that kept me going was the fact that we were all in the same boat , Young , Out of University and desperate and I met some of my "better" blogging friends there. Shout out to Tami and George #squad.

Insurance Adviser

I did no business subjects in High School and my Degree is B.A so you know this was doomed from the start.The training was outstanding and I really believe the company commits to training their workers so that when we go out into the field we are well equipped. This job was solely commissions based , it involved numbers and recruiting clients and after 3 months it just was not the right fit. If you live in Jamaica , this is the Insurance company that is plastered over the Bus Stops in New Kingston ... rhymes with "Ragicor"

Marketing Manager

I was actually recommended to this job by another person I worked with who just could not pay me since her business was a start up. I liked the idea of this business as there was nothing like it in Jamaica. It was like Craigslist .. and I had to get businesses to advertise on the website and it involved travelling ( which I love ) and meeting with people. I left because I was a full time student and I was entering final year and could not do both... plus with all that money spent on University I could not just drop out like that.

Creative Assistant

This was my favorite job from the list as it was on the creative side and a first in Jamaica. It was a full service Marketing , PR and Photography company. I had to recruit new talent ( Dancers , Models , Artistes , Make-Up Artistes .. creative people ) and create a Digital Portfolio for them which includes a professional photo-shoot , Video Reel and a Webpage. The job did not pay much but I loved it because I felt alive and that I got to be my weird creative self and meet other weird creative people. Some of the people I met there have gone on to do great things .. like Shady Squad ( the dance group) and I'm still friends with a lot of the artistes.

Other Jobs I've had

Operations Manager , Sales Rep/Agent , Field Researcher , Content Creator and much more I can't remember. I am currently making a living from my Blog and also have a Full Service Marketing Boutique Start-up company which will be officially launched soon.

Sometimes in life things happen and we wonder why and don't realize that we are being prepared for something bigger. There is nothing wrong with having several jobs as with each of them you learn something new and it looks great on your Resume. Keep trying until you find the right fit and don't give up! Don't ever give up!


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