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One of the things Jamaica is synonymous with is Reggae Music. It might sound a bit cliche' but it's true thanks to the Iconic Reggae Singer Bob Marley. Today , I would like to introduce Simiji a Reggae Artiste with a unique sound who hails all the way from Sierra Leone and now resides in Jamaica.

Alie Simiji Marrah also known as Wounded Lion | Rasta Bullet came from Lion Mountains Sierra Leone | West Africa. Simiji was born on March 3, 1981 in Safadu | Koidu Town in Kono District but ended up in Jamaica where he grew up and nurture his skills as a Musician | Song Writer | Producer | Activist. The scares of Wounded Lion as brought me this far to present the work of my first d├ębut album “Sound of the Wounded Lion.” 

The scares from the wound received during the Blood Diamond civil war in the 90s in my homeland inspire me to turn from a life of child soldier to a street child as a Refugee and a prisoner who was put in prison for close to two | 2 years for landing on the shore of Trinidad and Tobago as a prohibited immigrant. For diamonds sake the rebels and the government soldiers killed and amputee most of my relatives including my grandmothers | uncles | little siblings and our entire village was destroyed and burned down. They took us captive as rebels and soldiers; They gave us guns to shoot at each other for several months at the frontline before being rescued by the West Africa Peace Keeping Force | EWCOMOG led by Nigerian troops.

I was taken to Liberia and Guinea and later seek refuge in Mali | Senegal and Cape Verde before I eventually left Africa as a stowaway on an Italian yacht that was heading to the Americas in Cost Rica. Instead I was told to disembark from the vessel when we reached at Trinidad and Tobago. My request for refugee status was denied, after several months sleeping on the streets of Port of Spain I was arrested by the authorities and imprison in between Royal Goal Prison in P.O.S and Maximum Security Prison in Arouca. 

With the help of United Nations High Commission for Refugees |Living Waters Community | the Emancipation Support Committee | Mr. David Walcott and Kirk Toussaint, I was finally released from prison into the care of UNHCR in September 7, 2001. Upon my release I returned to the pursuit of my musical dreams. Inspired by my grandmother who soothed me with songs and entertained me with dances during my formatives years, I became part of a popular local performing group called Mini Zoo Gang during my teens. 

I was a lad with big dreams, who recognized from a tender age that education would be vital to the fulfillment of my ambition. Unfortunately, my dreams were disrupted during the rebel incursion and life as I knew it changed forever. In Trinidad I started recording with Keith Israel |Jam Records and performing in calypso tents and entering competitions. On one of these shows I came across the person who finally opened the door in order for me to establish my talent as a professional musician. Jamaican comedian Baba Owen Blakka Ellis played a greater role in order for me to get registered at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts. 

This new chapter saw Simiji | Rasta Bullet graduated in 2011 with an Art Associates Degree in Music Performance and with a Bachelor Degree in Arts Management and Humanities | pending November 2016. This chapter as establishes Wounded Lion Band | Wounded Lion Records as a Musician | Producer | Song Writer |Promoter. As an Activist and a Rastafarian I present myself to you all. The story of this Lion is an inspiration and his songs speak volumes about the Jungle because in the kingdom of spirit animals, the lion wins the prize for most relentless fighter in the face of life challenges. The lion spirit represents courage | strength in overcoming difficulties. The presence of this lion | warrior could also mean that something wild | difficult to control is happening Wounded Lion.

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