How to Successfully Work from Home, Like a Bawse'

Hi Guys! It's throw back Thursday , I'd insert a picture of myself "back in the day" but that's not what the post is about. So many people have ditched the 9-5 lifestyle to follow their passions and start a business. Most of these businesses involve working from home since it's a start-up or you just can't afford to rent an office. Here are my tips to successfully work from home.

1. Have a designated area: I use the veranda of my home for my office. This is one of those indoor verandas that can easily I transformed into an office space. This allows me to feel like I'm doing meaningful work in my space and It's set up so I have a desk , chair and my documents to work. If you have a smaller space, you can get a small desk and chair and let that be your work space. Do not work on the bed! It's a trap! You will fall asleep.

2. Set Working Hours: Since you are working from home , you need to set real working hours to keep you on track! If you don't have set hours trust me when I say that you will never be productive; you might think that its all fun and games , until you miss something as important as calling back a client.

3. Time Chunks: I got this advice from Lifestyle/Business Coach Marie Forleo. Time Chunks is basically giving a certain amount of time to individual tasks. For me I have this Blog and I'm launching a Marketing Boutique. I spend about 2 Hours on the Blog ( Editing , Promoting and Responding/Sending Emails ) then I would probably take 4 hours on the Business to do door to door visits. I find that this works for me and I'm able to have a nice balance and get a lot done without negating anything.

4. Schedule Everything: I used to hate when people say "Let me check my schedule" , In my mind they were being fancy and hype because we both know all you do is post on Instagram I have 3 or 4 schedules; Blog Schedule , Business Schedule , Events Schedule and Life Schedule. I find it easier to have these segmented as they are different things and I treat them as such. Schedules help me to stay on track and never miss an important thing.

5. Get up Early: I have to admit I struggle with this .. it's so nice not having to get up early then having to sit in traffic for hours! My office Hours are 10 a.m - 6 p.m so I'm up from 8 , eat, shower and do all that stuff then start. I've been getting up earlier for the last two weeks and I find that I accomplish so much and I have so much extra time! OMG! Who knew , I've read so many articles about successful people and most of them are up as early as 4 a.m and they are waaay more productive.

Get Out: Working at home can take a toll on you socially ... apart from your devices ( and maybe family ) there is no one to talk to. I try to get out of the "home office " at least 2 times per week and it has given me so much clarity. New ideas flow , and I get to see the world in a whole new way; you appreciate a lot of stuff when you work from home then go out into the world to be a part of it.


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