How to land an Internship

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#WerkIt Week has come to an end, but we have saved the best for last. I believe that even though you have knowledge and all the theory aspect of whatever you are studying , nothing beats experience. I know Summer is fast approaching and many High School and University students are wondering what's next and Internships are a great way to get experience and beef up your Resume'. Here are a few ways How to land an Internship.

Do Exceptional Work

You are not and will not be the only one who wants an Internship. This means you must stand out from the crowd academically and creatively. If you are thinking of doing an Internship start working harder on your coursework to ensure you get more than just a passing grade.

Research Early

If you are trying to land an Internship, start looking at options early! You can't expect to look for an Internship the week school ends and then land one ( unless you are really lucky ) Start calling companies early in the year and ask when their Internship Program starts and what you need to be considered.

Be Better than Everyone Else

Remember that episode of The Hills when we were introduced to Olivia Palmero and "Super Intern" Emily? Sure they were both well dressed but they went above and beyond Lauren and Whitney and knew about Flowers and what was in season , where to find stuff for the Event and they had a rapport with all their clients. This is what you need to do! Once you land the Internship be sure to not just do the job requested but do waay more than is expected. Go with the mindset that after the Internship you will be sure of a position at the company.

Be Realistic

Most people feel that Internships are all about dressing fauncy , going to Events and doing important things. Ladies and gents , that is not so at all. the tasks you will be doing are usually mundane and what nobody else might not want to do. This might include ; stuffing envelopes , getting email addresses , steaming clothing and even getting Coffee and Drinks.

Internships are a great way to learn about the career you are interested in , just to see if it's right for you and get experience. Work Hard , have fun and be sure to stand out. See below for our #WerkIt Week Playlist.

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