How to be Taken Seriously as a Young Bawse"

Hey Guys Happy Monday!

Can you believe we're already in a new month? The 6th month of the year .. Wow! Today we continue the #WerkIt series with making people put "some respeck on your name" as a Young Bawse. Keep reading to see how you can make people take you seriously.

Be Professional: You can never expect people to take you serious if you don't act professional. Carry your self in such a manner that people will have to take you seriously. The "Straight Jeans and Fitted" Days are gone and now it's time to bring out the button downs.

Have a Body of Work: Now , this is a bit of a no brainer .. but! If you want people to respect you as a Business Bawse' ( Boss ) You need to have an actual Business. This can be Product or service , it cannot be something from your imagination that only you can see :-) For all the people who list "works at the Krusty Krab" on your profiles , you might wanna fix that as it's not real.

Show Up Early: Did you know that being on time is just the same as being late? If you have a meeting or something you are invited to ... be sure you are there at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. You can't expect people to respect you if you're always late! Unless you want to be remembered as that Guy/Girl who is always late you need to be early.

Speak Life: Stop being negative about everything in life and speak more life into your dreams. Speaking Life also means being able to hold and carry on a conversation. Too many times I've been at Networking events and that one person starts talking about something superficial and waaay off topic and the group just disintegrates. Watch the News or pick up a Newspaper every now and again to see what's going on.

Market Yourself: Ladies , did you know that you can sell yourself without actually selling yourself? Here is what you do , work on your Branding and making a name for yourself so that when people hear about you they already know what to expect. Pleasseeee ensure that what they know is something positive.

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