Getting Wiggy With It : I&K Wig Review

I know you guys love Reviews especially Hair Reviews and today I will be reviewing not one but 2 Wigs today from Hairtrade.

General Overview

Today I will be reviewing the I&K Carole Wig in the color R6 ( Dark Brown ) and the I&K Joanna Wig in R6 ( Dark Brown ) available on is one of the UK's leading online retailers of hair care and beauty products. They provide a wide range of hair extensions products and over 40 successful beauty, hair care and hair electrical brands. Every 3 months I am sent a product/s to review.

I've never worn a Wig before or Synthetic Hair before so I thought it would be an interesting experience to share. Both hair came in a Plastic Baggies in a hairnet and the signature I & K Haircare instructions and a cap with straps underneath to hold the Wig firmly to the head.

The Hair retails for £36.99 on the website and is described as a long wig , I would say about 16 inches. The Texture of the wig is the kanakelon hair and it's curly and has a side bang. I describe it as a sassy wig just because of how the hair falls. After brushing it a few times I found that it got a bit frizzy , nothing too crazy , then went back to it's original state after I applied a serum then brushed lightly with a softer brush. It comes with it's own sheen that is normal to new hair that has not been touched and has that doll factory hair smell. It's a lighter wig as it's not voluminous but there is just the right amount of curls. There is a part in the hair not too far from the side bang that can be manipulated to your own liking.

This Hair also retails for £36.99 and is my favorite of the two as I prefer straight hair to curly hair . I would not say it's 100% straight as it does have some amount of curl at the ends. This has a middle part at the front and a few baby hairs underneath to create that lace front look. I found out the hard way that this hair does not like high heat. As I said I've never worn synthetic hair before so there goes me with the curling iron and there goes the hair responding to the heat and fraying out! It was not burnt or damaged but the heat made the hair literally stand on edge and stick out then had to be fixed with low heat. The hair is definitely low maintenance as all you need is a soft brush and you are all set to go. This hair sheds a decent amount but not crazy .. but definitely noticeable .

Both Wigs are great if you are on a budget and want to change up your look on a regular basis


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