Create . Defy . Slay

My name is "Rane" and I'm weird!

My weirdness has lead me to creating my very own brand that I'm constantly working on called "Haute People". Here at Haute People , I think of it as a collective effort ...passion project with myself and you the People. There could be no Haute People .. without the people.

One of the things I want you guys to understand is that not everyone was cut out for the corporate desk jobs ... some of us are Creative Thinkers , Abstract Thinkers and just overall weird. We don't quite fit into society's definition of normal and that's ok! Are we happy that we don't fit in? We're too cool to even notice ... we march to the beat of our own drums which often times we are the only ones can hear lol.

Being creative in today's society is a big deal as more Brands are realizing that If they want to grow by appealing to a wider audience , the cookie cutter ways won't work. They want us to be the Creative force behind their Brands. The world is our Oyster .. everyday is a new adventure and challenge and we accept it with arms wide open.

Today , I want you to embrace your weird by simply using the mantra " Create . Defy . Slay "

Romans 12:6
We have different gifts according to the grace given us. If someone's gift is prophecy, let him use it in proportion to his faith;


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