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Fancy Stickers , Washi Tape and of course a cute and fauncy Planner.  In  year 2015 - 2016 , Planners have been revolutionized! We are not talking about that basic black planner with the spiral binder that you can get at your local pharmacy or bookstore. With the boom of the Millennials and Influencers "Its all about that planner life " dawlin'. Keep reading about this hot trend and see how you can get in on it.

One of the most popular planners that started this trend is the Erin Condrin Life Planner. I remember when this planner launched it was sold out within hours and you would have to pre-order just to get one. This planner comes well equipped with all the bells and whistles to help you "get your life" and a calendar so you can highlight important dates.

I know we are in 2016 where everything is pretty much Digital but the great thing about planners is that it brings back that old school vibe of putting Pen to Paper and writing down all your important tasks. To make your planner stand out you can add a number of things which include stickers , washi tapes , different colored pens and you can even get them personalized.

Popular YouTubers like Elle Fowler is so into "The Planner Lifestyle" that not only does she now have dedicated videos on her YouTube Channel "Glam Planner " but she also has a Sticker Line on Etsy.  Check out her Video below where she gives tips on how she plans on a weekly basis.

The thing that makes this new Planner Lifestyle so fascinating is that this simple concept allows you to add your own personality to that simple book to really make things pop.

I understand that Planners might not be for everyone as you might not see the point of getting one when you can write on a notepad .... but! If you have goals you'd like to accomplish it's great to write them down.

Do you have a planner? Is it old school or new school?

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