Adulting is Hard

Adulting the act of being an adult and doing adult things like working , paying bills and making adult decisions.

You get out out of bed at 10 a.m , the smell of Breakfast draws you to the Kitchen.You leap out of bed , head to the kitchen to a breakfast that is prepared for you. By the time you get back to the bedroom , the bed is already made and your clothes are layed out on the bed and a warm bath running. All in the world is well and all you have to do is grab a huge wad of cash and head out into the world. Record scratch .... this only happens in the movies or if you lived a privileged life when you were a TEENAGER ( which you are not anymore )

We all wanted to grow up to drive and move out and do other adult things ... until you did grow up and realized it was a trap! Adulting is hard! The worst part of adulting is how consistent it is meaning there is always something to do all the time that you might not want to do. I've broken Adulting down in stages.

Stage 1 University: Here you leave High school and maybe your home ( country , state , parish ) to have the time of your life! Here you meet a diverse group of people who encourage , challenge and inspire you to be your best self.

Stage 2 Job: After University you are expected to spread your wings and go out into the wider world to start the adult journey. This involves you getting up early in the morning , sitting in traffic for hours back and forth ... and the best part ... going to work with people you can't stand. At work , the hours stand still and 5 O'Clock seem like light years away , you stare at the clock in agony and every tick the hands make is a second of your life you will never get back.

Stage 3 Family: This is the stage where you solidify relationships and some people get married and have families. If your spouse has debt you now have debt :-) If your partner has a not so nice parent .. congratulations ... you've inherited that parent as well. Ladies , when you have kids some of you are blessed with a fantastic snap-back game while others... well girl , at least you have pictures of how you used to look. Screaming , Crying , Messes are you day in and day out. Cooking , Cleaning and Laundry are your B.F.Fs.

Stage 4 Stress: At this point you've had it , most men buy a snazzy Sports car and opt for a younger model ( literally ) while women might resort to wine since it's soothing. You are on edge about everything! Will I lose the house? Where is my husband or wife? Why hasn't the kids called in over a month? What is happening to my hair!

I'm sure people might be able to relate to this while others can't .. the point is .. being an adult is hard and there is so much to do. You have to cook all for yourself , you have to work to take care of yourself and there is just so much to do! Can we take a break from adulting?


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