4 Things I learnt from the Roots Series on Lifetime

The younger generation might not know the story of "Roots" based on the Novel by Alex Haley or might not even know too much about slavery and the struggles the Black Race endured. On Memorial Day Lifetime Network crossed over into the urban Market when they started the Roots Television series presented by the History Channel. Apart from the amazing cinematography and talented cast , I must admit I learned a few things.

You Never Know where You Going If you Don't Know Where You're From

Eeek eek Egad! What a long title .. I've heard that phrase so many times in so many different ways and did not appreciate it until this week.The series started with Kunta Kinta who was a Mandika Warrior and the generations after him. His grandson who was called "Chicken George " a renowned Chicken Fighter and Son of a White Massa , allowed success to get to his head. In the midst of it all , George sort of forgot his Roots ( as a slave ) and somehow got sold to a new Massa after he was free. It's important to know who we are and always remember where we're coming from .. otherwise we won't know where we're going.

Mental Slavery is Real

In the series one thing that Kunta Kinte drilled in his daughters Kizzy's head is that "while they can put chains on your bodies ... if you allow them to put chains on your mind you will always be a Slave". Sometimes as Individuals ( myself included ) we hold on to things from the past that prevent us from moving forward. These things as great or simple as they are can take a toll on us physically and emotionally. We can all be free ... but if the mind is not right , nothing else is pretty much in chains.

There is Strength in Numbers

For those of us familiar with Slavery , we know that the Slaves used various retention methods to rebel against their Masters. One of these  was in their worship through songs and how they worked in the fields. Always remember that no man is an Island and things work better when we work together. If you genuinely need help .. ask for it and the result will be better.

History Always Repeats Itself

Like back in the Slavery Era where Black People were not regarded as humans but "objects that produced children and labor", it is the same today. How many innocent Black Lives have been taken over the last 4 years? Too many .. How many Black people are working hard without pay? So many! History always repeat itself ... always.

If you want to know more about "The Roots Series ",  just check Lifetime Network  they repeats each night at 6 -7 P.M and a new Episode at 8 p.m.


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