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I feel like we do a "Dress for Success" post almost every year but things change and we want to ensure you are up to the times. " You Never to a second chance to make a First Impression " and people will remember what you wear rather than your qualifications. Sad but True .. keep reading for tips on how to Dress for Success.

Cute Outfits .. Yes Please!

There is nothing wrong with a cute outfit ... just ensure it's not juvenile. Try to make it look cute but professional and grown up. I know a lot of women like Roses as Broaches and tend to go overboard and end up looking like a creepy flower lady , so I say less is more in this regard.

Wear Colors that Suit You

I know that starting out most students will not have the budget to get what they truly want and might even get hand downs. There is nothing wrong with getting an outfit from a family member or even friend. Black is a universal color that looks good on Everyone .. so you can always start with that. If you have something that does not suit you .. you can always trade for something that does. Depending on where you live .. you can go to a thrift store and get something really nice for a fraction of the cost.

Clothes must be up to date

I'm not telling you to go out and purchase an entire wardrobe ... If you can go right ahead. Ensure the clothes that you wear are up to date in that there are no holes , stains or broken zippers. For women you should have at least one Black Dress in your Wardrobe as this can be worn on a number of occasions and Men you need a Black Pants. Inspect your garments.

Right Outfit ... Right Occasion

We all remember that scene from "Legally Blonde" where Elle was the only one who showed up to the Party in a Bunny Costume. Sure she was set up by the evil "Vivienne" but the point is you don't want to stand out like a sore thumb for the wrong reason . Most Events .. Interviews included have a Dress Code , find out what that is and stick to it . Thank me later


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