Things I've learnt in my 20's

Comes February 2017 my 20's will be officially over and life will begin ( so I've been told ) The 20's are the times "we find ourselves" , go to school , travel , learn and do somewhat crazy things. With it being my last year as a 20 something ... what better time to share what I've learnt.

What People think about you is not your Business: When I first heard this I was like "wait ..what ... what do you mean ". You literally cannot go into somebody's brain and tell them what to think of you .. you just can't. Some will love you .. some will hate you ...but that will be fine as long as you know your self worth and is not doing anything.

It's Ok to Fail : #lawdness! It took me a while to fully grasp and accept this as I'm a tad bit of a perfectionist. Failing does not mean your life is over .. it's just a tested way to not do something ... don't sweat it and move on.

Less Friends = Less Problems: Ladies you do not need an entourage of people in your circle. All you need is a few great people who inspire and motivate you to live a better life and do better. The less of them you have is the less problems you have. Tip : Stay away from the ones who are insecure , they are the worst.

College/University is not for everyone: Yes I went to University all the way and did not drop out . However! If I could do it all over again , I would have traveled , learnt a skill and maybe do a certificate course. The way the world is going you do not need a Degree and spend all those years in school ... you need to know your purpose and have a solid plan.

Ignore Society: Society dictates that once a young lady is in her 20's she must have a child. Sure I will be 30 next year but! I literally cannot accommodate a child ... not being selfish but realistic. I won't plan to have a child , raise that child in a room ( with me ) have the child struggle just to please society ... no darling ... I need  house first. If God happens to bless me with one before .. I'll work with it ... otherwise not yet.

Looks Fade: So I was listening to an interview with Charmalagne and "Pam" from Martin and they were saying that women today are like "Milk" while the other generation of the women is like "Wine". One set is cheaper , bulks you up and really nice once it fresh ... but it goes bad quickly. The Wine is more expensive and not every guy will want to spend money for fine Wine ... and it ages really well. Point is .. I see a lot of these "Instagram Models" who look waaay older than their age and they are sure to "expire" really soon.

Save , Save , Save: Savings are important just because ... they are important. As I got older I learnt how to manage my money and know how to carefully put some away for that rainy day.

You are Enough: There is nothing wrong with being alone ...not in a crazy cat lady kinda way but as young women we need time to figure stuff out. I'm a private person .. I do have a special guy in my life ... but it took me a while to get there. Take the time to work , travel and just do stuff alone to get a sense of who you are. If you have no idea who you are .. how can you expect a man to know who you are?


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