Growth Hacks for Newbie Bloggers

Blogging is a 2.7 Billion Dollar Industry ... that is Billion with a "B" , being a Veteran in the game , aspiring and newbie Bloggers always want tips on how to grow their Blogs. Today, I want to share 4 quick growth hacks for newbie Bloggers.

Create Great Content: In the world of Blogging , Content is King! You cannot escape creating great content if you are looking to grow as a Blogger and also to have longevity in the Industry. Starting out I would recommend putting out at least one Blog per day.

Market like a Boss: You can have the best content in the entire world and nobody will see it if you don't Market it. Most Blogs come with plugins that link to Social Media Platforms and Book marketing sites. You need to get in on that and share , share , share.

Take Great Photos: I must admit I struggle with this .. I find it so hard to put an outfit together , take photos , then edit . As humans we are visual creatures , we are more attracted to click on "pretty" things rather than those that are no so pretty. Take the time to ensure that your photos are clickable.

Traffic Growth Sites: So I've been a Blogger for 5 years and I just discovered Traffic Growth Websites. If I had known I would about these sites back then , I would spend more time creating content rather than joining all those Facebook Groups to help with views. One site I found is who pride them selves as offering state of the art traffic. This site has had no issues with Google Adsense being banned once you use their service so you can definitely check them out.

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