Dear Me ( Letter to my 19 Year Old Self )

Hi Guys , if you are avid reader of this Blog you would have realized that each month the tone of the Blog changes all the time. Sometimes we do series posts and another time we do more pensive or serious type posts. I saw a Tag on YouTube called "Dear Me" , where people wrote open letters to themselves online for the world to see. First of all , I think those people are so brave as they shared really deep and personal ish . My life is not perfect and I don't fake that ( not even on Instagram ) there are things that happened because I was young , foolish and had no perspective on life and other things happened because of adults who were ... dumb and foolish. Here is my letter to the nineteen year old me.

Dear Me ,

You've made the right choice by going to University in Jamaica (though you wanted to go abroad ) this is where you will meet your friends for life. These friends will always tell you the truth and inspire and encourage you when those other so-called friends from High School slander and chastise you for your mistakes. Life will get easier , this part-time job you have will prepare you for the future ... it really will.  It will teach you patience , organization and how to deal with people of all personality types. While you feel like University is hard and un-necessary ( why am I drawing Trees in Linguistics ) it will get better ...If you hand in your assignments on time and always read ahead you will make it to the end.  Graduation is not mandatory ... you do not have to go if you don't feel like ... why torture yourself and sit through a long boring ceremony only to collect a piece of paper? At the end of the day that paper will become obsolete and you can always pick it up afterwards.

Heartbreak is necessary at least once in every girls life ... you will get over him and meet somebody else who is even more amazing when you are older and more mature. He will be a challenge just like yourself ...  but it will be worth it Your Blog will grow beyond your expectations and you will have readers from all over the world. It will be the place where you go when you want to escape from the world and all the stupid people in it. You will not have to live your life in fear anymore because good will answer your prayer one night and you will be free. You will be free to life your life and be as weird and "extra" as you please according to people. You won't have to worry about those around you pretending to life the perfect life and making it seem like you are not because you know the truth. You know they are a crazy mess and will only self- destruct because they came from an unwanted home as a child and will never truly understand how to love themselves.

You will learn how to live your life and make mistakes and realize you are young and still have time to grow. You will get over all the crap and you will let go off the past because everybody else... good and evil have.

You will definitely make it and you will be successful.


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