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We are back for another "Behind the Seams" series. This time the focus is on "Lady Bosses" , those women who have stepped out of their comfort zones to follow their dreams and "crush it " creating and running their own businesses. Today , we go "Behind the Seams " with Karen of Doniere of The KD Collection.

H.P: Tell us about your Business in a nutshell ( include services )

K.D: My mission is to inspire and motivate moms and women to take better care of their mental and emotional health while achieving their goals by writing action-oriented articles over at The KD Collection, including thought provoking worksheets in many articles, and providing transformation coaching.

My new online workshop, The Forgiveness Project is a positive and healing conversation where women feel safe to share their journey and release the baggage they’re carrying in order to recognize their greatness and achieve their goals. It’s a necessary conversation where women share their stories while connecting with other women, and seeking resolution to their issues surrounding not forgiving themselves, and forgiving others in their lives for past mistakes.
Being a transformation coach was a natural progression because I feel so alive and excited after I’ve encouraged and inspired another woman to try something new, think about her situation differently, or view achieving her goals from a different perspective. The first discovery session is free, and lasts between 30 – 60 minutes.
The Baby Bear children’s book series is also near to my heart. The series is for children ages four to eight years, subtly teaches an important lesson, has parent challenge worksheets for caregivers to find additional online resources, and includes coloring sheets for kids. The first book within the series is Baby Bear Meets the Bully. It teaches kids that talking to a trusted adult such as a teacher, school counselor, or parent if the

H.P: What are daily challenges you face as a Lady Boss?
K.D: Currently, I struggle with juggling all of my responsibilities. I’m a mom and wife first. But, I’m also a creative person, and I excel at so many things. In other words, I have a ton of projects that I’m working on. Lol. I’m working on making my to-do list smaller and more focused for each week. And, sometimes I’ll make a separate to-do list on a daily basis because it helps me to focus more. 
I also struggle with managing my social media presence on different platforms. My favorite platforms are Twitter and Instagram. I understand the power of Pinterest and Facebook, and I have to rethink my social media strategy as a result. I have a fabulous intern that has learned to slay certain areas of my business to allow me to focus on other aspects of it. 

H.P: When and Why did you start Blogging?
K.D: I started blogging seriously in March 2015, although I started a blog that lasted about four months in 2011. I wanted to start blogging again because I love to write and encourage those around me. Writing is very therapeutic for me, and it’s everything. And, I wanted to use my blogging platform as a way to inspire and encourage women.

H.P: What motivates you on a daily basis?
K.D: A natural desire to lift someone else’s spirit, and a thirst for personal achievement motivates me. I literally will not stop trying to achieve a goal until I see that’s it’s not meant to happen, or it’s not humanly possible.

H.P: What are 3 key things you've learnt since being an Entrepreneur?
K.D: As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that:
a). failure is necessary because the lessons are greater than the feeling of disappointment when it’s put in the proper perspective.
b). networking with those within and outside of my niche is important. Building and maintaining relationships is just as important as managing other aspects of my business.
c). allowing time to plan articles and social media posts, and learning about blogging trends are a continuous process.  

H.P: Why should we focus on "Self Care"?
K.D: Entrepreneurs, especially women, should focus on self-care because it’s necessary for their succees. When you really think about it, self-care involves taking care of yourself first, which isn’t selfish. While doing activities that renew and refresh your spirit, you’re making your mental and emotional health a priority. As a result, you’ll be able to take better care of your family, secular, and entrepreneurial responsibilities.
There’s a section in The Forgiveness Project workshop that specifically talks about the self-care journey. And, I have a free Self-care ebook download on my website here:

H.P: Where can we find you? 
K.D: You can find me online at:
The KD Collection:


Twitter: @hautepeople
Instagram @haute_people


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