6 Rules for a Healthy "Kitty Kat"

You read that right!

Today we will be talking about something that women don't like to talk about ... but we are definitely gonna talk about it. If you are a woman you were born with a certain body part that has the ability to bring life? Today , we give you 6 rules for a healthy kitty kat.

Important: All Kitty Kats should have a scent , the same we all have a natural body scent. If that scent is strong then you know it's time to visit your Gynecologist.

Don't Douche: Yes Douche is a real word and not just another name for a$$hole ( as we call some guys who are just horrible ) Douching involves washing the insides of those parts of your body that remove metabolic waste. When you Douche , you wash away everything! Which includes the good Bacteria needed to fight infections.

Stay Away from Scented Feminine Products: There are tons of Feminine Products on that market that is packaged nicely and promise to make your Kitty Kat smell like a rose garden. It's not suppose to smell like a garden at all! When you use those products it throws off your PH which could lead to various types of infections.

Cotton Underwear: Cotton is a great fabric as it is light and breathable.  Certain types of fabric worn too close to the genitals can increase heat and moisture potentially leading to bacteria overgrowth and infections. Wear Cotton underwear during the day and night and try to stay away from thongs. Try to limit how often you wear tight fitting garments and be sure to change out of wet swimsuits and gym clothes as quickly as possible.

Maintain a Healthy Diet: "You are what you eat " could not be any truer in this case. Maintaining a nutritious diet which includes fruits and fluids is the key to a healthy Kitty Kat and even reproductive system. Yogurt and Cranberry Juice is said to help prevent yeast infections and help in their treatment. Try to also stay away from Food that have a strong smell as that smell might affect your nether regions.

Practice safe Sex: We live in a world where having sex is like shaking hands .. it's soo open and unprotected. Safe Sex prevents STDS and of course AIDS and HIV. Most of those diseases have no cure and some of them even come with a strong unpleasant odor.

Change Pads and Tampons On Time: Ladies! you should not .. I repeat Should NOT wear a Pad or Tampon for 1 full day. It sounds like a no brainer and even unbelievable but there are so many women who do this. Rule of thumb: Tampons should be changed every 2-3 hours while Pads should be changed every 3-4 Hours. Things are already bad during that time in the scent department so let's not add insult to injury.

As it relates to shaving , waxing and hair removal in general It's definitely up to the woman. One thing I can say though is that if you are a heaver "nether region sweater" then you might wanna give your self a trim as sweat and bush is not a good look ( or smell )


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