Preparing for StyleWeek 2016

In less that a month one of the most highly anticipated Fashion Event in Kingston, Jamaica will be underway. Style Week 2016 will be May 26 - 29 ,2016 at some of the most popular locations in Kingston. We here at Haute People is very excited as this is one of our favorite Fashion Events and we are here to help you get prepared.

1. Tickets/ Media Accreditation: Unless you are a sponsor of the Event , you will need some way of getting in. If you are Media ( which Includes Bloggers ) your name is probably on "the list" and you should receive a schedule as well as Invites & or passes. If you are a Fashion Enthusiasts now is the time to get your funds together to towards purchasing the tickets.

2. The Outfit: Ladies and gents .. this is the most important part of the Event! All eyes will be on you whether you believe it or not. You need to decide if you will be going to all the events or just a few or maybe even one. Whatever the case ... you need ensure your outfit game is on point. It is a good idea to wear some of the pieces from the Designers on the show ( local and international ) if you don't have that connection there are so many amazing Boutiques that will be more than happy to find you the perfect outfits.

3. Transportation: So you've already planned your outfit and you also have your Ticket or passes .... How will you get there? Ladies , I say this to you standing outside after an Event has ended hoping that somebody you know will magically show up and take you home is never a good idea; nor s it safe. If you drive ... ensure you have enough gas for the Event and If you don't drive will you go with friends or charter a reliable Taxi Service? Ensure your ride is secure before you go to the Event.

4.Your Crew: Going to Events with people who are fun makes everything better right? Sometimes! Get your "crew" together before the Event and plan arrival time , outfits and so on. Tip : Make sure the crew you go with is into Fashion as a Fashion Show might be boring and pointless to a non-fashion lover.

5.Keep Up to Date: Be sure to visit Social Media to see if there are any changes in Venue . Time and even Designer just so you are not disappointed.

Style Week is the yearly Event of Saint International Jamaica.

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