Meal Planning Guide for Beginners

Happy Monday Peeps!

Welcome to a brand new week and another chance to do something amazing! At the age of 29 I'm slowly getting into a healthier Lifestyle .. better late than never right? I'm not at the point where I'm walking around with a huge water tank or a huge gym nut. I've been eating a lot better and eating a lot more since I'm trying to gain 25 lbs lol ( weight gain journey coming soon ) One of the things that I've found helpful is Meal Planning which saves a lot of time depending on your lifestyle. Keep reading for a few tips on how to get started.

What is your Goal: Are you trying to lose or gain weight? How much times per day do you eat? This is a key step in meal planning as you can't plan randomly. Once you know your goal , this will be the guide to how you plan those meals. Other things to consider:

Your Food Mood , What you have time to prepare , Your Budget

Create a Recipe List : Ladies and gents , creating a recipe list saves you time and money. Most people usually consider things that are out of stock in the home when they purchase groceries. What if you researched Recipes before hand then only shop for those ingredients? You would save so much time and money. There are a number of Cookbooks , Blogs , and YouTube Videos that you can find amazing Recipes so get planning!  Other Things to consider :

Availability of Recipes , Level of Skill level to prepare each meal

Your Budget: There is this huge misconception that in order to eat healthy or meal plan you need to have a ton load of money ... wrong! No matter how small or large you budget is you can get all the ingredients you need to suit your lifestyle. One of the ways I'm able to get a lot of Protein items for a fraction of the cost is by going to the local Market. I must admit the trip is a bit ...cumbersome as the Market is usually crowded with people who are looking to save as well. The great thing about going to the Market is that you get fresh produce , great prices and you are supporting local farmers which help to build the economy. Have a rigid budget , stick to it and the rest will be history. Other things to consider :

Monthly Income , Time to Budget , Transport Costs

This is a simple guide to Meal Planning for Beginners , if you are looking to get started on your Healthy Lifestyle journey , these 3 simple steps is sure to get you on your way.


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