Inexpensive Ways to Travel

Everyone should get the opportunity to travel at least once in their lives. Travel meaning, going to places we know little to nothing about, which, ultimately means, Canada and the U.S shouldn’t necessarily be high on your travel list. Yes, we all want to see Niagara Falls and The Grand Canyon, but imagine seeing the Cherry Blossoms during spring in Japan, or the Hindu Temples in Cambodia. Life is so much more than TV shows, makeup and American music. This world is filled with people, places and food we are yet to discover.

In today’s world, many people are quitting their jobs, or taking breaks from their studies to discover what’s really out there. This is not because they’re rich, it’s not because they’re above average, it’s simply because they made a decision, researched, and took a leap. Here are five inexpensive ways to travel the world:

1         Teach English as A Foreign Language

-       Lately, this has become a popular phenomenon. While most places require an individual have a TEFL certificate and/or a degree, this is a perfect way to travel. While this might be one of the easiest ways to travel, this might not be for everyone. Note that this is a teaching job; you’ll be responsible for people of most likely all ages. So if you’re not passionate about teaching, this might not be the best option for you.
2        Volunteer
-          What better way to travel but for a worthy cause?  By volunteering in foreign countries, you’ll be exposed to the country’s site, food and culture. Sure, you won’t get paid, but at least you’d get a chance to help out and get exposure to a different kind of culture, really, it’s a win-win situation. Everyone is happy here!                                 
           Au Pair
-          Basically, an au pair is a domestic assistant who is hired by a host family to do housekeeping or to teach their young children English. By becoming an au pair, you’ll be paid to be in countries all over the world.

                Couch Surfing

-          This is when a host family allows you to sleep in their house while you travel. This could mean sleeping on floors, blow up beds, and if you’re really lucky, you might just get a nice, comfortable bed for a little while. So, if you’re not too picky, and you don’t mind sleeping on cold floors and such, this could be perfect for you!
-          Now I know what you’re thinking, “I’ve watched horror movies!” Yes based on the movies we’ve all watched, hitchhiking doesn’t seem like the safest route.  However, you’d be surprised about the type of people you meet while hitching a ride. There was a speaker on TEDTALKS by the name of Tomislav Perko, who described hitchhiking as an adventure while getting from point A to point B. Life is not as black and white as Hollywood has made it seem.

Sure the world is dangerous, and it’s scary to get up and just go, but really, what kind of life are we living if we live in constant fear? Life is an adventure people, and we are natural born explorers. You don’t need to be brave to get on a plane; you just need a little courage. Go for it!

Written By Shanice Speed


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