From Frumpy to Fantastic

Everyone wants to look and feel amazing but unfortunately with hectic schedules, limited budgets and no ideal sense of direction many of us are lost. Well, have no fear! Keep reading if you want to go from frumpy to fabulous with enough time to grab a cocktail with friends.

1.   Eliminate all the ‘negative energy that surrounds you-

Think of it this way, if your environment is happy then automatically you are happy. If all your friends are pessimistic duds, then maybe it’s time to do an evaluation of your peers and surround yourself with positive influences that will further your personal goals and keep you stress free and relaxed.

2.   Get a wardrobe make over, like seriously
Having a new and fresh wardrobe can significantly boost your self-confidence. Try adding a few pops of colour, maybe some prints or better yet some sparkle! Simply going through your wardrobe and coordinating new looks from clothes you already have can make a huge difference. Simple things such as adding a few new accessories can spice up an entire ensemble immediate without breaking the bank.

3.   A new diet/exercise regimen

If you want to look good on the outside you have to also have a good inside and that includes updating or trying a new diet and exercise regimen. Exercise helps to relieve stress and tension not only in your body but also your mind. A new detox or even including new foods in your diet could help. Vegan diets are all the rage, so it wouldn’t hurt to try a few vegan versions of your favorite foods, exercise is always welcome but that doesn’t necessarily mean joining a gym either. Start simple, jog around your neighborhood or property and keep your goals as realistic as possible.

4.    Step away from the gadgets for a while

    It seems that we are always checking the newest updates on our social media accounts and seeing other people live their lives while we watch them from an illuminated screen. Sometimes the best things in life are right in front of us and we often take the little things for granted, simply taking a stroll through Emancipation Park or reading a book on the lawns of Devon House might open your eyes to the environment around you and give you a new lease on life. Nothing beats the fresh air and the warm sun!

These were my four simple tips to having a fabulous life! I hope they give you a better  way of life without requiring you to alter your lifestyle too much J

Written by D.K Bailey


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