5 Ways to Spend Less

I don't know about anybody else but the less money I can spend ( to save ) is the better for me. It means I will be able to do much more with less if you know what I'm saying. Keep reading as I share a few tips with how you can spend less.

Never Spend More Than you Make

Guys! You and your Bank Account knows how much you make on a monthly basis. This rule is very simple ... never spend more than you make! You will be in so much debt you wished you were in another dimension. Stop hyping and flossing and be real with yourself.

Only Buy What You Need

This is where so many of us go wrong ( myself included ) We buy things we don't need or have any intention of ever using. Do I really need Gloves since I live in Jamaica? Necessities are Food , Clothing and Personal Care items ... things that you can't do without on a daily basis.

Create a Budget

This goes back to the first point but in a stricter sense. So you know how much you make right? Well obviously! Now you need to make a plan and divide things in terms of how much you wish to spend . Rent/Mortgage , Utilities , Grocery , Petrol and so on should all have a set amount that you commit to each month and never go over that amount.

Pay Bills On time

This one is a bit strange right? I'm going somewhere with it .. I promise. There are companies that offer you a dollar or percentage amount off if you pay your Bills on time. There are other companies that add a late fee when your payment is late. Which do you think will be better? The first option. No matter how small the amount is that you save for paying on time or early it adds up and if you commit to putting that amount aside each month , you will be pleasantly surprised how much you have by the end of the year.

Keep up with your Commitments

I like how Shop Online and sign up for various subscription programs online and completely forget that I did. By the time I check my statements online a payment was already made that could have been either completely avoided or saved. Please , Please keep up with what you commit to as this could save you so much and cause you to spend less.


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