5 Shoe Styles you Need in your Collection

Ladies! Ladies! Ladies! gather round' this one is for you and you don't have to feel guilty. Shoes are the icing on the cake ( in outfits ) and we can never have too much ... just ask our besties Mariah Carey and Coco and they will completely agree. Keep reading and we will tell you 5 of the Styles you need to have in your collection.

1. Pumps

Duh! I'm all for shoes that are pretty and trendy but every woman knows you need to have shoes that are functional too. The things about Pumps is that they go with anything and is a great starter pair. If you are just getting started in your collection .. these are a must have. You can go from the club to a job interview in a heartbeat.  Our Recommendation : Get Nude or Black

2. Flats

I know you are thinking "womp womp" , Flats!! how obvious ... well girllll , ya need some flats in your collection. I'm more of a heels girl but as I got older I saw the relevance of flats ( these Jamaican streets are not heels friendly ) These are versatile and can be worn with so many different and now come in so many different styles. These are not your Grandmas' flats.

3. Sneakers

Depending on where you are from , these might have names like trainers , running shoes , tennis shoes and so on. I find that brands like Nike and New Balance have expanded their lines to include these in "Everyday Wear" , if you are not doing any form of sports or exercise you can pick up an everyday pair. These are great if you have to be on your feet all day or even when it rains.

4. Wedges

I have to admit , I have no idea what I would say you would legit purchases wedges for but! They sure do look good. These are a great alternative for those who are not as comfortable in a vertical heel and is looking for something more stable. Wedges look great with Jeans and even Dresses and can bring your outfit to life in a matter of minutes.

5. The Cut-Out

You need that fun pair of statement shoes that are considered conversation starters. Cut-outs are trending and come in a number of different styles and you can get a neutral color like nude or black just starting out or you can go bold with a bright blue color.

Do you remember the exact pair of shoes that started your collection? Let me know 


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