5 Millennial Food Trends in 2016

Today's dinner table looks no way it did 10 years ago; the millennial's table features a Smartphone or some device just so we can stay connected. Each plate might even be different ( choices ) one plate might be meats , one vegetarian and the other paleo. Here are 5 Millennial Food Trends in 2016.

Green Juice: Though not food per say, by definition that is Green Juice features power leafy greens and also sweeter fruits. Green Juice is said to have enough nutrients to be a meal in itself but most Millennials opt for adding it to their daily meal. As the name suggests it is green in color and is usually blended or thrown in a juicer in a concept called "juicing".

Gluten Free: I know you have probably heard or seen millennials on YouTube living the Gluten Free Lifestyle. How dare Restaurants not have an extensive Gluten Free Menu , we don't want to be bloated for out Outfit of the Day ( OOTD ) Photos. Gluten is the general name for Proteins found in wheat , rye , barley and triticale ; think of Gluten as Food Glue as it helps food to maintain their shape.

Shakes: This sounds crazy right? Just Shakes ... shakes as a meal! That's unheard of. I've seen where many YouTubers have made reference to Brands like Shakeology . Shakeology has branded themselves as "The Healthiest Meal Replacement Shake " , they are protein packed Shakes which have enough nutrients to be enjoyed as Meals. You can opt to make your own Shake from scratch or you can purchase them in powder form. Check out Shakeology HERE

Less = Less: What am I talking about? Well , most millennials are taking more things out of their diets than they are adding. Oops! There goes all those Carbs , Gluten and Sugars. You will notice that the portions might look the same but! Everything is "something free".

What I ate Posts: This one is different ( obviously ) thing is; Millennials are promoting a healthy lifestyle by doing what they do best ... share it online. Millennials are taking to the Internet to showcase "what I ate posts" and even showing their grocery shopping trips and items they've purchased. These posts help people to be conscious of what they put in their bodies and how to make better food choices.

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