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Ladies! It's been awhile since we talked about issues that mattered ( to us ) things like buying Jeans. The great thing about Jeans that makes them so interesting is the fact that they can be dressed up or down and it has also been said that the right pair of Jeans can change your life. For some it might not be that easy to find the right pair of Jeans to suit you. Here is our guide to buying Jeans.

Choose a Style to Match your Shape

  • Fitting snug to the thigh and flaring out from the knee, the classic bootcut jean is a winner for adding flattering balance
  • On curvacious frames they'll fit snug over shapelier hips, and flare out to create a wonderfully even in and out silhouette - for the ultimate in figure flattery, pick dark indigo washes in block tones, stretchier fabrics and high waists
  • Leaner bodies will also benefit from flared bottoms, adding shape and accentuating slim thighs. Pick lower rises, lighter washes, and whiskering effects at the waist
  • For rounded tummies, a bootcut jean helps draw the eye downwards towards the feet. Lower waists are best, as are lighter hues and detailing for added distraction
  • As with straight legs, bootcuts work best when worn with a heel, such as a chic summer wedge, or an elongating pointed ankle boot in cooler months
  • The casual-cool choice, a laid-back boyfriend cut fits relaxed all the way through the leg, varying in its level of bagginess and length depending on season and brand
  • Unavoidably looser than any other jean, the boyfriend isn't designed to fit to form. Curvier figures that warrant stretch and a sleeker fit should be cautious, pick the slimmest designs in a more tapered cut, favour higher waists, darker washes and cropped cuts to show off slim ankles
  • If you're lean all over, or broad at the shoulder, or rounder around the middle, these are for you. They add volume and shape, draw the eye downwards, and create balance
  • Running straight in fit from the hip to the ankle, the straight-leg jean offers a clean, leg-skimming cut, which works brilliantly to lengthen and balance out particular body shapes
  • If you’re wider at the shoulder than the hip, these are for you. Adding balance to your upside-down-triangle shaped frame, they’ll add flattering width to neat hips and elongate those legs, especially if you choose a wash with slight whiskering, fading to the thigh, or a medium-to-light blue hue
  • If you have serious curves, exercise caution as a straight leg jean will sit at the hip, the widest part of the body, and fall straight from that point. They're not great for pear shapes either, though if you're a more balanced hourglass just be aware of how they hug the thigh and ankle, and the height of the rise
  • To maximise leg-lengthening capabilities, straights are best worn with a heel, as the extra height allows for a more flattering fall from the thigh
  • Figure-hugging from the hip to the ankle, the skinny leg works for all shapes depending on the stretch construction, colour and wash
  • If you've a curvier frame, choose the much stretchier styles that are snug and smooth over the silhouette. A baggy knee or bottom will accentuate width, when the key is to streamline and flatter. The secret is to avoid any cut which adds anything to you – the more you show your shape, the slimmer the illusion. And waist wise – the higher the better.
  • For broader-shouldered figures, balance is the answer, so darker colours are best avoided as they'll help make your bottom half appear smaller, in turn emphasising that wider top half. Instead favour lighter tones, prints, patterns, distressing and any added detailing
  • Straight up and down frames can carry off almost anything, and a skinny fit will of course highlight a super-slim profile. But if you'd prefer to avoid accentuating your narrowness, experiment with coloured denims, distressing, patterns, textures, detailing and exposed stitching to add curves

Now that you know the best fit for your shape , you want to ensure it fits. Whatever store you purchase your Jeans from , there is sure to be a Sales Assistant. Ask Him or Her to measure you by taking a tape measure around the slimmest part of your natural waist and also around the fullest part of your Hips and Backside.  Most Jeans are sized by the size of the waist and also the leg length in inches. To get this measurement , they will need to measure the inseam of a Jeans that matches your waist to give you the best Fit. If you find all these check out and you find a pair that fits like a glove but the length is still a bit long , you can get it tailored.  At 5"1" my greatest challenge with finding Jeans is always the length. Yes, there are store and even Designers who have Jeans for Petites and Talls specifically , but since it's your Jeans you still want to ensure it fits you!

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