Gwen Stefani Style Transformation

Gwen Stefani is an American Singer , Songwriter , Fashion Designer , T.V Host and just a well rounded business woman. Gwen Stefani is one of my favorite Artistes just because of her funky personality and Fashion Sense and of course "Holla Back Girl" . This multifaceted innovator has gone through so many changes and her personal style is reflective of that.

We all remember this navy blue polka dot dress from the "Don't Speak Video ". Gwen was also very much into experimenting with unique looks one of which was Indian at this time which was shown by the dies she used to paint her face.

90's Gwen was all about the belly baring trend as all girls did in the 90's which she often paired with a Bikini Top or a white tank-top. This look was a mix of girly , grungy tom boy but on her it worked. The side pony tail and hat was also a part of her look during this period

Millennium Gwen was more polished and sophisticated. Elements of her funky personality was still a part of her new look which was done by incorporating prints and patterns. In this era the signature Red Lipstick and golden blonde hair was perfected into a more mature and sophisticated way.

We all have that period in our lives when we choose a completely odd trend and somehow make it our own .. for Gwen , it was the Harem Pants which she was even able to create a variety of styles to this tend made popular by M.C Hammer. Gwen of course paired these with her signature Tank Top , Red Lipstick and funky personality.

The Fashionista is born! Here comes the birth of L.A.M.B ( Love Angel Music Baby ) which were the names given to the 4 Harajuki Girls who were a permanent part of her entourage. The pieces were cool and eclectic , yet there was something for every woman in that collection. Gwen was now a Fashion Designer and had to look the part and went for a more glamorous effortless chic.

Modern Gwen ... Flash forward to today where Gwen is a mother amidst all her accomplishments and her style is more grown up. Dresses are more fitted , outfits are more risque and the hair is more of a dirty blonde which is great to make her have a fresh and vibrant look.

Personal Style changes over time and we have seen how Gwen Stefani went from bold Rocker Chick to sophisticated fashionista.

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