Behind the Seams : Shante Gapour , Miss WaterHouse 2015 / Miss Tourism Jamaica 2016

Beauty Pageants for some mean a world of glitz , glam and all things girly and fabulous. There are some who use it as a platform to showcase their talents and reach their goals by appealing to a wider audience. Sure the Prizes and Fame that comes along with Pageants are well worth it but there are some who go beyond the Pageants to do what they are destined to do by fulfilling a lifelong dream or fulfill their passions. Today, Haute People goes "Behind the Seams" with Shante Gapour , Miss Water House 2015 and Miss Tourism Jamaica 2016.

H.P: Where you surprised when you were crowned Miss Waterhouse 2015?  Describe the feeling at that moment.
S.G: Elated yet humbled. I was so excited about being chosen to represent my community. I was in awe at the response of my community when I was crowned Miss Waterhouse 2015, I was excited to start working to make my community a better one.
H.P: When did you decide you wanted to enter Beauty Pageants?
S.G: I decided I wanted to enter pageants a few months prior to hearing about the Miss Waterhouse Competition. I was at home thinking how I could go about getting a platform to share my views on issues that are close to my heart. I said to myself that by being a title holder it would give me a voice to speak out about the problems being faced in my community and my country.

H.P: How do you maintain a balance between school, life and pageant duties?
S.G: Keeping a balance between school, life and pageant duties was a hard task at first however I sought advice from my mother; she told me the first step was to tell myself that I was going to complete my studies. Then we went ahead and made a strict timetable without neglecting my social duties, my duties to my family and my duties to my God.

H.P: What are a few life lessons you've learnt so far as Miss Waterhouse 2015?
S.G:  A few lessons learned so far:
-  Never settle when you can dream bigger.
-  Never be afraid to ask for help when you need it; at the end of the day no man is an island and no man stands alone. With that being said I would like to thank the team at Sanmerna Paper Products Ltd for their continued support
-  Always remain positive; always have a positive outlook on life.

H.P: Any tips or advice to girls wanting to compete?
S.G: Go for it.  There's a lot more to pageantry than the cool prizes and this year the prizes will be amazing. Competing in pageants allows us to gain confidence,  self respect and worth and allows us to network with others. It teaches us etiquette and grace as females.

H.P: What is the one beauty product that you can't live without?
S.G: Water! I believe water is the best kept beauty secret. It cleanses and hydrates our skin, by drinking water it flushes out toxins and eliminate the dirt that clogs the pores of our skin,  giving us a healthier glow.  It also helps us to lose weight, tones our skin and gives us glossy hair.

H.P: What are you most excited about for Miss United Nations Pageants?
S.G: The United Nations Pageants is charity based and that is what I'm most excited for. Being able to contribute to my community through volunteering; I'm helping to better my country for myself and others. Charity begins at home and the United Nations Pageants is giving me the platform to raise awareness to problems being faced not only in my community but my country.

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  1. Thank you Haute People for the opportunity to do this interview and thank you for your continued support throughout my reign thus far.


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