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Behind the Seams is back with another exciting season! To kick off our new season we were able to interview Jamaican Designer , Suzilee of LeeAnn Designz which is her ready to wear Swimsuits and Cover Ups . Continue reading as we go "Behind the Seams" to learn more about the Designer.

H.P: What inspired you to be a Designer?
L.D: I could not find clothing to fit my specific body type; I have a tiny waist and wide Hips.  Garments I purchased would fit one part of my body but not the other; then I thought I should make my own clothes. Afterwards, inspirations started to hit me in terms of Design. It started out as satisfying my wardrobe needs which evolved into me designing my own clothing.

H.P: Tell us about the first item you ever created?
L.D: The First item I ever created was a Skirt … the “pleated” Skirt we all had to make in High school. The Fabric had movement and life. People saw it and wanted to know where I got it and how they could get one too.

H.P: How would you define your personal style?
L.D: Based on occasion … I like “Glam” but I would not go Full Glam here in Jamaica just based on our Culture. We are not quite there yet and I wouldn’t want to be labelled as something I’m not just by the way I’m dressed. I’m a humble person and my style can definitely be described in essence as “Effortless Sophiscation”.

H.P: Tell us your latest creations
L.D: My focus is on the upcoming Easter Weekend… Long Flowy cover-ups and those Dresses you can move your body in and feel sexy. My previous collections can be found at House of Style in Pavillion Mall and also Mall Plaza in Kingston.

H.P: Finish the sentence...” I cannot live without my…
L.D: Powder.

H.P: Describe the LeeAnn Designz by Suzilee woman
L.D: Those women, who are confident, would want to step out in style. If you have any body issues as we all do (as women) when you step out in my Designs all those flaws are hidden and it accentuates your finest assets.

Pieces available at House of Styles Pavilion and Mall Plaza
Reve Jewellery & Accessories Devon House
Instagram @LeeAnn Designz


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