5 Life Lessons from "JOY"

I'm late to the party as always and finally watched "JOY" , which is a movie about a young woman who after living a mediocre life decided to follow her true passion of being an Inventor.

Halfway through the movie I was inspired to create a post and share a few life lessons I took from the Movie. Just to inform those of you who have not seen it , the movie starts off slow but give it time and it will pick up momentum.

Never Stop Dreaming

Joy was a little girl with BIG DREAMS! She always read books , she was always experimenting and trying new things. Contrary to what people say , it's ok to dream! We all have a talent that needs to be nurtured. Ensure you find what that is and set goals on how to make your dreams a reality.

Get a Kicka$$ Support System

Joy's grandmother was super supportive of her even when he parents and family members wanted her to be something more traditional. In life , whatever you do you need people or even one person who truly has your  best interest at heart and is supportive of you. This will help you in those dark moments when you are doubtful of yourself and talents.

Start Today

Never ever say you are going to wait until the kids are grown or until you have more money or when you quit that job you hate ... start today! There is nothing new under the Sun and you don't want to wait only to have another person take your idea and take it to the Bank. Set small goals daily and take small steps and eventually you will get there.

Never Backbench your Passion

This goes back to the point above! If you can't stop thinking about something whether its to start a clothing store or launch your company; it should never be secondary. Joy was a creator , she invented items to solve daily issues and make her life easier but instead of taking that route , she got a basic job at an Airline.She was of course laid off and had to go back to her passion. Life has a way of subtly nudging you in the direction you are to go and once you follow that path you will be so much happier.

Success comes when you are just about to quit

In every inspirational book I've read or Movie I've watched about a successful person from Branson right to Walt Disney , success comes when they've been through the worst and about to quit.  As humans we are naturally developed for Fight and Flight and once we've had enough of the Fight , the next step is to Flight right? No! This is the time when our success usually comes at that 11th hour , those of us who are strong enough to hold on benefit from the fruits of our labor.


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